The Best Retail and Store Fixtures

If you own a retail space, you understand how important it is to create the right storefront for your customers. When a potential customer walks through the doors, they need to see and experience two things:

  • A welcoming atmosphere

  • A unified brand


As a business or franchise owner, providing customers with a comfortable sales environment and insight into your brand is essential to the sales process. These two factors are relevant to any industry, whether you’re in the window and door industry, automotive industry, healthcare industry, or own a brick and mortar retail space.

One of the best ways to create a unified brand and inviting environment? By including the right retail and store fixtures throughout your space. Besides your employees, your retail and store fixtures tell a story and are a great way to communicate the company brand. Plus, retail and store fixtures make a retail space more inviting and enjoyable for customers.

If you’d like to find the right retail and store fixtures for your business, we’d like to assist. Today we’re highlighting the best retail fixtures, store fixtures, and how compatible they are within each space.



What are Retail Fixtures?

A retail fixture is designed to promote a product or service while enhancing the customer experience. For instance, a sales desk fixture offers customers the ability to communicate with employees and pay for a service. Meanwhile, a food service counter or beverage station can make customers more comfortable during their shopping experience. While these displays have opposite functions, they have the same goal in mind - to enhance the customer shopping experience. Retail fixtures have several other jobs, such as:

  1. They enhance display products.
    1. If you’re trying to sell tires, shelving, doors, or windows, showcasing that product is an integral part of the sales process. Displaying a product capitalizes on a customer’s senses, so they don’t just see the product; they can touch and/or hear it as well. It’s hard for a residential builder to imagine a door in a customer’s home with just a picture. A door display allows them to see and touch the product, which is far more powerful than an image.
    2. A fixture helps offset the display, by providing customers with the opportunity to ask questions, pay for service, and continue to learn away from the display.

  2. They unify your retail space.
    1. Creating the right atmosphere is an integral part of the sales process. Customers feel comfortable and confident when they see a unified message, and a great way to communicate your company brand is through retail fixtures. Displaying the company logo or product information on sales desks, kiosks, and other retail fixtures makes the space feel more welcoming and communicate a universal message and brand to visitors.

  3. They set a tone.
    1. Retail fixtures are capable of setting the tone for your retail space and give customers a better sense of your business. A large space filled with a few small displays and individual sales counters might not feel as functional or uniform to a customer when they first walk in, because it doesn’t fit the space. Meanwhile, a large sales counter in the center of a space, with rolling and multi-purpose displays around the room, instantly captivate a customer’s attention. Every area is different, so having retail displays and fixtures that fit the environment can ease the sales process.

  4. They educate customers.
    1. Retail displays and fixtures don’t just showcase a product - they are also there to educate customers. Displays are an excellent opportunity to include product information, company history, and any other relevant facts and information.


Retail fixtures do more than promote products. They also make a space more creative, inviting, and improve customer experiences.



What are the Best Retail Fixtures?


Now that we’ve discussed the purpose of retail and store fixtures, let’s take a closer look at different retail fixtures. At DAC, no two fixtures are the same because every industry is unique. To cater to our customers’ needs, we manufacture a wide range of retail fixtures, so your retail space tells the story you always wanted. Some of our favorite retail fixtures include:

Service and Sales Counters

Service and sales counters are a great point of contact for customers. They can provide information, elevate company branding, and provide a place for customers and sales representatives to connect - some service stations are even perfect for storage! We manufacture a vast range of retail fixtures at DAC, like storage counters, transaction counters, sales desks, and service stations. These display fixtures captive customer attention, promote brand awareness, help the sales process, and are customizable to suit your business’s needs.



Kiosks are ideal for a variety of retail spaces and franchises. They can be highly informational or provide entertainment, depending on the needs of your customer base. Kiosks are designed to integrate technology seamlessly into the retail experience so that customers can access information without salesperson assistance.


Media Walls

If you need to display technology in your showroom, a media wall is ideal for product display. At DAC, the power supply is included in all our media wall displays and is 100% configurable depending on your space’s size.


Appliance Fixtures

If you’re in the appliance industry, appliance display fixtures are great for displaying dishwashers, cooktops, stoves, refrigerators, and kitchen vignettes. We can configure each display to suit the dimensions of your products and retail space.


Graphics and Signs

Nothing tells a brand’s story quite like graphics and signage. In addition to your retail and display fixture, DAC can customize your display to include personal branding, logos, and other display information to suit your needs.


Computer Islands

It’s easy to display technology in style with computer islands. Computer islands are ideal for displaying laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and other technology.


Custom Retail Fixtures

Sometimes the best retail and store fixtures are 100% suited to your needs. Depending on your space, we can modify any fixture to be what you envision. The DAC Approach is designed to identify our customer’s display needs, create a prototype that satisfies those needs, and develop a final product that showcases your products for years to come.



How to Effectively Use Retail Fixtures 


No two retail spaces are the same, so an essential part of the display process is finding the right design. To effectively use a retail fixture, it’s vital to review the following:

  1. The retail or showroom space
    1. Every space is unique, so it’s crucial to have displays that compliment your surrounding fixtures. A multi-product display is ideal for displaying multiple product types, but it might not be the best choice for your business if you have limited square footage and need multiple sales desks or kiosks. Our display specialists will discuss what retail fixtures and displays are most compatible with your space at DAC, based on configuration and square footage.
  2. Customer needs
    1. A fixture is there to tell a story and provide your customers with answers. However, specific retail fixtures may tell that story better than others. Consider how you want to share your story with your customers, and pick a retail fixture that suits your space.

At DAC, we believe every retail and store fixture matters. No matter the size of an order, we craft every fixture with care because your business is important to us. If you want to learn more about what retail fixtures are best for your space, request a quote to learn more information.



Curious what retail and store fixtures are best for your industry? Take a moment to download our Building Products and Fixtures and Furniture Catalogs to see what custom display fixtures we can create for you.



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