Five Customer-Friendly Retail Fixtures

If you own a retail business, you understand the importance - and occasional difficulty - of driving customer sales. Even if your customers are shopping for a specific product, like new tires, laptops, household appliances, or medical equipment, it can be difficult to close those sales unless your customer remains engaged. Achieving high customer engagement levels can be difficult, however, it’s much easier to increase customer satisfaction and sales with the right store and retail fixtures.

At DAC, we define a retail fixture as an object that serves a function and purpose within your business. Compared to retail displays, which help promote your business’s brand and messaging, a retail fixture is where your customers can view products or interact with your staff.

To help generate and increase your customer sales, your space needs the right retail fixtures - the question is, which retail fixtures are suitable for your space?

At DAC Products, we understand that sometimes it’s challenging to find the right retail fixtures. Rather than try to determine which fixtures look best on your own, we’ve rounded up our favorite customer-friendly retail fixtures, so you can decide which ones will help foster positive customer relationships and increase sales.



Sales Counters and Cash Wraps


A large part of a customer’s experience has nothing to do with shopping. Instead, it has everything to do with employee interactions. While retail fixtures are incredibly functional during a shopping experience, they’re also instrumental in aiding the sales process and giving employees the chance to engage with customers. Two retail fixtures that do this job exceptionally well are sales counters and cash wraps.

A sales counter or cash wrap is where customers go to make a purchase, but depending on its location, it’s also a point of contact between your employees and customers. Throughout their browsing, your customers will be able to refer to the sales counter if they have questions, and your employees can offer their assistance as needed. It also allows employees to engage with a customer before deciding to leave the store or check out. Plus, any additional products or promotional information you keep on your sales counter or cash wrap can entice your customers to ask a final few questions before they leave.

As you can see, sales counters and cash wraps aren’t limited to transactional functions. At DAC, our fabricators can customize your sales countertop to include the following countertop styles:

  • Cash Wraps
    • A cash wrap is where your customers conduct their final purchase.
  • Transaction Counter
    • Transaction countertops are another place where customers can make purchases, exchange, or ask questions.
  • Storage Counter
    • They are designed to store additional inventory, product wrapping supplies, or promotional items.
  • Showcase Counter
    • A counter with glass paneling is ideal for showcasing inventory and is encouraging customers to add something to their purchase.


Sales counters and cash wraps do more than drive sales - they help build relationships with customers. When your clients have questions or need assistance, the sales counter is where they can feel safe asking those questions. Plus, it can help foster relationships between your staff and your customers.



Sales Desks

Depending on your industry, sales desks are another retail fixture that enhances the customer sales experience. Traditionally, sales desks are used as a transactional fixture when the customer is ready to conduct business. However, that is not their only function. Initially, some customers might find a sales desk too daunting and feel it’s meant to close a sale rather than engage in conversation. However, a sales desk can be a place to seek information rather than complete a deal.

Sales desks are a retail fixture designed to enhance the customer service experience throughout every stage of their buyers’ journey. Someone can approach a desk for information, or ask an employee for guidance. The key is how you stage these sales desks in your retail space.

Depending on your retail space’s location, lighting, and layout, sales desks are a great way to initiate conversations between customers and employees.



Media Walls 


No retail fixture is as eye-catching or compelling as a media wall. Seeing various content play across a screen is bound to grab a customer’s attention, but that’s not the only reason to love media walls.

Traditionally, a media wall’s function is to showcase products like television screens, tablets, or other technology. However, if you’re not in the media industry, that doesn’t mean you can enjoy the benefits of a media wall. Media walls are beneficial for any industry because they’re capable of relaying information to your customers as they shop. For instance, a media wall is excellent for playing demonstrational videos, sharing customer testimonials, or even explaining more about your business.

Media walls are a customer-friendly retail fixture because they can improve customer experiences and relay information while your employees assist other customers.





Kiosks are multi-functional retail fixtures and are perfect for informing customers or even entertaining them. In recent years, informational kiosks have become incredibly popular in retail establishments because they can give customers information and instructions.

Additionally, informational kiosks are ideal for customers who usually don’t ask your employees questions. They might feel more comfortable learning information on their own terms rather than inquiring about a product or service.

Gaming kiosks are also great for providing customers with information or entertainment during their shopping experience. Certain gaming kiosks can assist customers by letting them search for inventory, services, and other information as they shop. Alternatively, gaming kiosks showcase gaming software and allow customers to interact during their shopping experience.

Kiosks are very hands-on retail fixtures that allow customers to learn more about your business or simply interact with your products. Plus, kiosks are incredibly convenient and increase your capacity to help customers.



Create Custom Retail Fixtures with DAC


At DAC, we understand that finding the right retail fixtures for your business takes time. That’s why we offer custom fixture services so we can create one-of-a-kind retail fixtures for your business. Our team manufactures custom fixtures that suit your space’s dimensions and layout, so your employees and customers feel at ease the moment they arrive. During the design process, you can specify what you’re looking for, and our team of designers can craft the fixture you’ve always envisioned. Once you approve the prototype, we’ll begin the manufacturing process.

Our team believes there is no limitation to your imagination. Once you hand us an idea, our team will get to work creating your perfect retail fixtures.



Want to see some of our creations? Download our fixtures and furniture catalog to explore some of our work! 



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