Five Ways to Improve Your Displays for Retail

If you’re a business owner, you understand when a customer walks through the door, they’re either shopping for a specific product or just browsing around. Regardless of their intention, everyone is searching for the same thing - a product that grabs their attention and compels them to make a purchase.

Today’s customers want more than a brisk, five-minute shopping experience. When they walk through the door, they’re looking for an opportunity to visualize and interact with your products. The key to securing a customer sale depends? It’s all about the retail display.

If you’re not already utilizing the right retail displays, there’s no better time to begin. They are an essential part of the sales process and can help sell your inventory better than most sales staff. Without the right display catching their eye, your customers aren’t going to be enticed to purchase your products - and that’s no way to make a sale.

Instead of feeling unsatisfied with your retail displays, let DAC Products help you improve your displays for retail. Our team of experts understands what it takes to craft high quality, one of a kind displays for retail and can help your products sell themselves.



What is a Display for Retail?


Before we dive into improving your retail displays, let’s address an important question - what is a display for retail?

A display for retail is primarily focused on the product(s) and usually includes relevant graphics or signage, depending on the display. The purpose of an effective retail display is to communicate the company’s message, unify branding, and encourage customers to purchase the product. This differs from a retail fixture, which is a product designed specifically for functionality. Most fixtures are products that enhance your retail space but tend to blend into the background until a customer or employee conducts business.

If your product sales have been missing the mark lately, chances are nothing to do with the product. Taking the time to enhance retail displays can portray your products in a whole new light and encourages sales.

Part of the problem might have to do with the display itself. It might not have the design or integrity it needs to capture a customer's attention. In the display industry, there are many types of retail displays to choose from. The trick is finding the right display for your product and company branding.


How to Improve Your Displays for Retail

Once you select the right retail displays for your products, it’s time to make a few adjustments to how you present your display. Fortunately, all of our display solutions are straightforward and shouldn’t take too much time to implement.


Location Matters

One of the first ways to improve your displays for retail is by selecting the right location. If you try to showcase your most significant product line in the back of the store, it will take customers a while to get there, and by that point, they might have lost interest.

Think about where your customers head when they first arrive. Do they typically beeline towards the middle of the room or to one specific side of your business? And if they do, what is attractive about that area? Is it what’s already there, or the current product that’s being showcased?

Determining the best locations for your retail displays will play a massive role in your display’s success. Need a second opinion? Ask our team of experts here at DAC Products. We’ve created retail displays of every shape and size and can give you an honest opinion before manufacturing your product. If the best location requires specific measurements for a wall or corner for any reason, that’s fine by us. Our services include creating one of a kind retail displays that cater to your industry’s needs.


Incorporate Lighting

In addition to product location, one of the best ways to make a product stand out is with lighting. If your display for retail, like a media wall, is currently on a wall with low lighting, it might be missing some of the visual effects it needs to capture a customer’s attention.

Try enhancing your display with accent lighting from above. The light will reflect off the display, which will catch customers’ attention and can showcase any information included in the design. Even though it might only illuminate a handful of displays, that initial visual cue will be enough to interest the customer, so they have time to view your media display or rolling window display.


Customers Interaction

A huge selling point for customers is when they’re able to interact with a display. While this might not be feasible for all your products, try to make some of your displays more accessible and interactive. Allowing them to touch a window or door, cell phone screen, or type on a computer can make all the difference in the world.


Regularly Change out Displays

Satisfied customers always come back for more, but who’s to say they love seeing the same displays every time they come to visit? As a business owner, it’s essential to change out your product displays regularly, so your customers can view and purchase new products. The key to making your display look one of a kind every time? Invest in a multifaceted display.

Purchasing a custom retail display that’s ideal for multiple products is a smart long term investment that caters to your business’s variety of products. By investing in a retail display with long term potential, your products are going to shine.



Keep Messaging Clear

Sometimes, products need additional information to help customers understand what they’re seeing. While some of it can be flashy, exciting language, the majority of it is product information. If you need to include relevant information about your product on display, keep the messaging clear and concise. Don’t overwhelm the customer with too many facts, or they won’t know where to look, and quickly move their attention to another product.



Final Displays for Retail Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to improve your displays for retail, the first step is to reconsider your current displays. If they’re missing key elements to showcase your products and failing to encourage sales, then it’s time to invest in high-quality displays for retail that enhances your business.

At DAC Products, we understand that every industry matters. That’s why our approach is to listen, understand, and create displays that reflect your business’s brand and everything your products have to offer. To us, retail displays tell a story - and it's our job to help you tell it.

In addition to our display work, we also specialize in bulk ordering, so you can have the quantity and quality craftsmanship you deserve. If you want to discover how we can enhance your displays for retail, request a quote to learn more information.



Want to see more of our work? Take a moment to download our Building Products and Fixtures and Furniture Catalogs to see what custom retail display we can create for you.



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